Penyagolosa Trails | CSP
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Penyagolosa Trails® CSP is an ultratrail event with a cumulative ascent of 5,439 meters, and cumulative descent of 4,227 meters. Starting at sea level, the race ends at the Sanctuary of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. The race passes through Castellón, Borriol, Villlafamés, Les Useres, Lucena, Atzeneta, Benafigos, Culla, Xodos, Villahermosa and Vistabella.

With a prerequisite for semi self-sufficiency and a maximum allowable race time of 28 hours, race results count toward Spain Ultra Cup series rankings. In its 6th edition, the race will start  at 00:00 h. on April 22.

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® qualifying

MiM and CSP are qualifying races in Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®. Penyagolosa Trails HG fulfills the criteria of the organization, according to the points attributed by ITRA. In 2017, CSP score is 3 points (5 new points).

Race Summary
Technical information

  • Maximum number of participants600
  • Date: April 22, 2017
  • Edition:
  • Start time: 00:00 h
  • Maximum allowable race time: 28 h
  • Distance: 115 km
  • Cumulative elevation gain: 5.500 m
  • Cumulative elevation loss: 4.300 m
  • Aid stations: 11 + finish

Checkpoints, aid stations and cutoff times

With the chip in the race bib, runners’ times are taken upon arrival at all known and random checkpoints, whose locations will not be revealed by organizers. In addition, checkpoints are established with stipulated maximum transition times (see table). Those who exceed these times must withdraw according to the instructions of those in charge of the checkpoint.

Km Checkpoint Bus Closes Time
8 Borriol NO Sa 01:30h 01h30′
23 La Bassa de les Oronetes NO Sa 04:30h 04h30′
32 Les Useres YES Sa 06:20h 06h20′
41 Sant Miquel de les Torrosselles YES Sa 08:50h 08h50′
47 Atzeneta del Maestrat YES Sa 10:05h 10h05′
57 Benafigos YES Sa 12:15h 12h15′
70 Culla YES Sa 16:00h 16h00′
80 Sant Bertomeu NO Sa 19:15h 19h15′
88 Vistabella del Maestrat YES Sa 21:00h 21h00′
97 Xodos NO Sa 23:15h 23h15′
104 Mas del Collao NO Do 01:15h 25h15′
115 Sant Joan de Penyagolosa YES Do 04:00h 28h00′
Mandatory equipment
Semi self-sufficiency

Penyagolosa Trails® CSP is an ultratrail race based on semi self-sufficiency. Each runner must plan for his/her survival between aid stations, from a food, clothing and safety point of view.


  • Each runner must carry all mandatory equipment throughout the race (see regulations).
  • At any time, course stewards can check equipment; competitors are obligated to comply with such random checks under penalty of elimination from the race.
  • Except in case of accident or emergency, personal assistance is authorized only at the following aid stations: Borriol, La Bassa, Les Useres, Torrosselles, Atzeneta del Maestrat, Benafigos, Culla, Vistabella del Maestrat y Xodos.
  • It is prohibited to be accompanied by an unregistered person, or to allow anyone outside of areas indicated in the aid stations.
  • Each participant must carry their waste until the finish or until places designated by organizers. Otherwise, you will be disqualified
Drop out and evacuation

Except in case of serious injury, a runner should not abandon the race outside of a checkpoint. You must notify the person in charge of the checkpoint; your race bib will be retired.


General evacuation rules:

  • There are buses leaving from Les Useres, Torrosselles, Atzeneta, Culla, Vistabella and the finish at designated times.

  • If a runner abandons in an aid station or checkpoint where there is no bus, and runner is not injured, he/she must reach the nearest evacuation point.

  • If a runner abandons in an aid station only accessible by 4 × 4 vehicles, he/she will be evacuated when the checkpoint closes. In case of unfavorable weather, which forces the race to be either temporarily suspended or completely stopped, organizers guarantee evacuation in the shortest time possible.

Penyagolosa Healthy Trail

Founded in 2014, Penyagolosa Trail Saludable has been evolving until now as part of the Servei d’Esports health research projects of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón. A pioneering project at the national level with some international recognition, Penyagolosa Trail Saludable has been made possible thanks to collaboration from the mountain club Desert Amunt and Penyagolosa Trails.

In order to raise awareness in the world of long-distance running from a health perspective, the CSP has been a benchmark race to study health improvements in runners by taking data before, during and after the race, as well as measure psychological factors, training habits and physical parameters, such as weight fluctuations, blood pressure, blood composition etc.

Currently, the research team is also working on the “Project run, recover, repeat – always healthy” (Projecte corre, recupera, repeteix sempre saludable), CRS, which is focused on the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon.